Yeehaw Woodworks

Yeehaw Woodworks provides a creative, collaborative design experience in which the customer's style preferences and functional needs are realized in the final product. Our process is designed to ensure client satisfaction at the outset of every project.



Our process starts with an initial design meeting to establish the functional and dimensional needs of the project, as well as any aesthetic considerations or design inspiration.

Yeehaw Woodworks



In this phase of the process, we create a three-dimensional set of renderings. This may include a single or multiple design(s) documented as dimensional drawings and communicated through emails or meetings. As we move our design closer to a feasible and functional piece, client collaboration and input is paramount.

Yeehaw Woodworks



After the final design is complete, we'll submit a quote and schedule an in-person meeting. This pre-fabrication meeting is crucial: we'll walk through the final design to ensure that all dimensions and functional aspects will satisfy your needs and we'll provide a sample of the final finish for your review and approval. 

Note that the design is frozen at the time fabrication begins. Any design changes that affect dimensions and features may incur additional costs.

Yeehaw Woodworks



As we near completion of our build, we will confirm time and location details for delivery and installation. 

At the end of this process, our hope is that the project will give you pause and a sense of pride every time you see it and use it—and that beneath that stoic façade a jubilant "Yeehaw!" beats from your heart.

Yeehaw Woodworks