Yeehaw Woodworks

Yeehaw Woodworks started in a garage as a cure for boredom. It scratched that itch to combine the right and left halves of the brain into a single medium: custom furniture and carpentry. We started making pieces for friends and family while slowly moving into the consumer market. Our portfolio and reputation has grown from there, serving all regions of Southern California.

Our home in Culver City and the surrounding culture that is Los Angeles together informs the work we do. We love new adventures in our space and enjoy developing styles that are both fresh and long-lasting. There is almost nothing we won't try to take on.

With the idea that "you only live once," we left the corporate life to do the work that our souls long for. We continue to be inspired by our inner cowboy and hope to share that Yeehaw! spirit with you.

Yeehaw Woodworks